Roy Bryhn's sales philosophy is straightforward. “We listen,” he says. “It sounds simple, but it works.” His best projects are those in which the client provides a lot of input. He also tries to choose clients who are compatible with him and his employees. “We have turned away clients because they have unrealistic expectations on timing or the process. I've also talked people out of doing a project. People think they want to do all these things, but it might not be in their best interests. That will backfire on me, so I'd rather be upfront about it,” Bryhn (in black) says.

His office assistant took Sandler training classes to learn how to screen clients. “That way, when we go to a person's house, we have an agenda. It's more efficient if we know their wants and needs,” he says.

Most of Bryhn's clients want to update their older homes, but maintain the charm created by key features. Bryhn uses Chief Architect software to create several concepts and then uses its 3-D perspective to help homeowners picture the final design.