Barry Goggin likes to keep his business small and offer a personal touch with his clients. “I'm still the sales rep coming to your house; I'm still the one you're going to speak to on the phone,” he says.

Until four years ago, Goggin had an office at his home, but now the company has its own space and Goggin has delegated more responsibility to employees. With a good Web site and the ability to track hits, Goggin estimates that he gets between four and eight referrals from the site each week. “And the Web site reinforces our image,” he says. The site also is linked to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry site and Goggin says he has received many referrals through that organization.

“I never wanted to be the biggest company on Long Island,” he says, “but I wanted to be one of the best.” Goggin is on his way to being recognized as such with one national and several local and regional Contractor of the Year awards.