For most of his company's history, Todd Jurs was strictly construction. His remodeling clients came to him with architectural plans in hand. In 2001, he met Christine, the woman who would soon be his wife, who had an interior architecture background and experience in commercial design. It seemed inevitable that she would join the company and move it in the direction of design/build.

When Christine first joined, she and Todd set up a separate company for the design work. With Advance Design, they were also able to set up a showroom and become a cabinet dealer. However, by 2004, they merged the companies to create a more seamless design/build process.

The couple invites potential clients to its 1,200-square-foot studio that has working spaces that double as displays. The Jurs team works closely with clients to create whole-house remodels or addition designs that fit their budget. The team includes a studio manager, two designers, and a director of client relations/marketing. The team recently switched to using Chief Architect software to take advantage of its 3-D rendering program. “It helps us provide a better quality design experience for our clients,” Christine says.

The company subcontracts architectural drawings, and Todd heads the construction team of five carpenters.