John Tabor's colleagues would say he has tough goals. “I have four-year-old twins that need my time,” says Tabor. “I have to be at my dinner table every night.”

Family duties aside, some might say it's impossible for the owner of a remodeling company who handles the lion's share of the design and estimating responsibilities in addtion to being the sole salesperson. But Tabor accomplishes it, by meticulously structuring and managing his company to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible — and eventually, he hopes, without him involved in the day-to-day.

To do that, Tabor (center) knows he needs to increase his volume while passing portions of his duties to his employees, a challenging juggling act, to be sure. He uses outside designers as subcontractors when the need arises, and is currently training one of them to take over some estimating. He's also grooming a production manager to take over some responsibilities — just in time, too, as Tabor estimates that his 2005 volume will be 150% of 2004's total.

So far, so good. “All the work I've been doing the last couple of years—systems, delegation—everything is coming together,” Tabor says.