A wide range of clients considers David Heaney their go-to guy for remodeling. His company targets busy professionals who “don't have the time or expertise to manage the project themselves.” So the former engineer gets the ball rolling for them. He puts newly relocated DuPont executives in touch with local bankers, Realtors, and attorneys who can help them settle in. He holds seminars for dentists thinking of remodeling their offices.

Several other factors distinguish Rockland Architects & Builders (Evergreen Architects & Builders until Heaney and his former partner split in 2003). Rockland's 9,000-square-foot office has such architectural details as coffered ceilings and a central fireplace. It embodies the upscale professionalism Heaney strives to impart, as do bound proposals, company attire for staff, and interior design services built into each project.

Always improving, Heaney plans to offer engineering services and take on increasingly big projects in 2005, with target revenues of $5 million. What won't change is his attention to detail.

“We have a very systematized design process. We start with the broad scope of work and keep working inward until we've defined every aspect of the project.”