Communication is the thing Steve Feigeles (front, left) talks most about: between company and client, office and field, and field and client. The company gives customers a time line for their projects so they can see where everyone is in the schedule. There's constant back- and forthing to reaffirm what's going on so everyone is in the know. “It's important to us that the customers don't have any surprises,” says Feigeles, vice president of the company he formed with W. Scott Cooper by combining his siding and kitchen remodeling business with Cooper's framing company. As part of the company culture, lead carpenters are trained to pay attention and take care of the clients and are empowered to make decisions.

The constant input and smooth, quick turnaround have led to a lot of repeat customers. “We're here to make sure we delight the customer, not just satisfy them,” Feigeles says.