In a small town of 35,000, Brian Nobile has to treat every customer like his own family. “Every job,” he says, “has to meet people's expectations and become a referral.”

Because it's like family, Nobile (on ladder) likes to maintain a lot of control over his jobs and doesn't sub out carpentry or laboring work because “people in town like to see the same faces,” he says. “They have a lot of comfort in knowing people in their house work for and get paid by me.”

Nobile's father started the business 50 years ago, and Brian has been running it for the past 15. Nobile's slow-but-steady approach to growth has enabled him to maintain a solid business with an open-door policy and employees that don't have to punch a clock as long as the work gets done. And despite the small-town atmosphere, Nobile says he “still gets a kick out of serving the community.”