A dozen years ago, Mr. Rogers Windows did $561,000 worth of business. Since then, the company's grown by 30% to 40% each year. After a wild ride like that, most remodelers might want to stop and catch their breath.

Not Gerry Rogers (front row, fifth from left). Five years ago, his plan was to reach $10 million by 2007. He should hit it this year. And he's not stopping there. He's opening a branch office in Charlotte, N.C., with plans to open a few more down the road. His ultimate goal? “$100 million in the next 15 to 20 years.”

Don't bet against him. Rogers has the window replacement game down to a science. The numbers he's crunched tell him exactly how many inquiries he needs to generate the number of calls his salespeople need to go on in order to meet his revenue goals.

But there's a soft side to this sharp businessman. Rogers has a private foundation through which he donates a portion of the company's profits to provide food and shelter for orphaned children across the globe.“It's always been a passion and a calling of mine,” Rogers says. “My goal is for it to grow to an endowment of $20 million before I die.”