Although Bill Markt (front, center) doesn't see his company as design/build, he knows the importance of working closely with designers and architects. He calls his company a hybrid.

“We give direction to clients on which architects to use, and we work together through the process, says Markt.” Architects are invited to client meetings, and there's a constant back and forth among the parties. “We can always do better by asking one more question,” Markt says.

As owner, Markt is pretty hands off and says he sees himself backing out of the company within seven years. He says he'd like to “see the folks here now, if they choose to, take the company and create it in their image and likeness. It's satisfying to see the client and architectural communities identify with ‘their' organization as opposed to ‘me' as the organization.”

It's a sure bet Markt won't back away far. He loves selling, meeting people, and working to solve what he calls the “does-our-process-fit-your-needs conundrum” too much to ever give it up completely.