The average job size of Mainstreet Restorations had been increasing, with large whole-house projects and additions that average $140,000. Owners Steve and Christine Ramaekers wanted to up the number of smaller kitchen and bath projects to fill the peaks and valleys in their schedule created by these large remodels.

After researching locations and displays, they opened a new showroom in a downtown area of Birmingham that has shops, galleries, and restaurants. The couple created a marketing plan around their new showroom that targeted existing customers and included advertisements in a local magazine that reaches five specific ZIP codes.

Steve and Christine (seated) use a 6-foot screen in the showroom to make 3-D presentations to clients. Homeowners have a hard time understanding their remodel on a drawing, Steve (in blazer) says, so the 3-D view helps to alleviate problems and avoid changes once the project has begun.

Having a full-time controller helps the Ramaekers make time to work on the showroom marketing. “Having a controller leaves more time for us to do sales and design, which is what we are good at,” Steve says.