The Landis brothers, Chris (left), a licensed architect, and Ethan, a developer and general contractor, know how best to reach their upscale target market. “Guerrilla marketing,” says Chris about their “big Web presence.” In an area with a high number of professionals and Internet users, Landis' Web site helps reinforce the company's total marketing package.

Chris says he doesn't have to sell that much because of the Web page, which really shows who they are and what they do and can act as a filter for qualifying leads. There are secure pages for references, résumés, contracts, insurance policies, and many standardized forms, which has helped cut down on time and paperwork. New this year is a separate secure area, or mini intranet, for clients, with site drawings and updated project photos. Clients can e-mail their comments.

The Landises' next goal is to create a large design destination in the metro D.C. area as well as expand their reach into Maryland and Virginia.