Keilty Construction never strived to be Idaho's biggest remodeling company, says Bill Keilty, “just the best.” Having achieved the status of Idaho Remodeler of the Year for three of the past five years, the husband and wife team ascribe their company's success to three factors.

First, Keilty's thorough estimating process virtually eliminates change orders and greatly reduces cost overruns. In “bid parties,” the company invites subcontractors to pay a site visit — spending hours, if necessary — to discover problems that could prolong or complicate a job. Roughly half of its estimates turn into jobs, far above the norm.

Second, Keilty is committed to strong communication throughout a project. This entails laying bare all pertinent facts and concerns before construction begins and not taking on more work than the company and its subs can comfortably accommodate.

Third, past clients provide about 80% of Keilty's work. One reason is that the company takes an interest in even small jobs. “I started as a one-man operation putting doorknobs on doors,” Bill says. “I don't ever want to forget where I came from.”