When asked to explain his company's success, Todd Jackson (front, left) says he tends to surround himself with great people. “We let each employee know they were selected because of their greatness and we set our expectations high.”

The company's training budget is $12,000 a year, and that money is invested in every employee at every level. Jackson says that hiring and keeping the best staff makes his job easier. He extends this idea to subcontractors as well. “I've been working with the same subs for a long, long time. [When we hire new subs] we let them know that they're special. We pay them well.”

Jackson's plans for the future have his staff in mind. He wants to have all job descriptions set in writing, so that when people change positions or get promoted, they'll have exactly what they need to be successful. He's also looking forward to having an offsite team-building retreat. “As I move forward, I want to build something that people feel like they're a part of. I want them to feel like they're part of something great.”