The Troost brothers are well-known on Staten Island's north shore, where a half dozen architects refer them such jobs as roof-raising additions. Prompted by small lots and lack of affordable land, it's not uncommon to add four bedrooms atop a former ranch house. The Troosts also refinish attics, do siding and roofing, and light commercial work --100 jobs a year in all, averaging $15,000.

Jeff (left) has an architectural degree and Scot (right), one in fine arts. Together, they have a great eye for good design. They moved into a showroom/office three years ago. It will soon include a house facade, not quite full scale, that showcases a variety of products.

Their community visibility brings in a dozen leads a day, and before the year started, they had sold almost half a million dollars in business. "Remodeling is going to increase within three years, tremendously, because there's no land left on Staten Island," Scot says.