"I've sent everyone on the planet information about my company," says Terry Henderson (pictured with his wife, Emily). He generates 251 leads for 70 jobs each year, in a county of 300,000.

Those leads come from all sorts of marketing, including a phone line Henderson maintains for a 10-minute "consumer awareness" message. Callers can order free booklets on successful remodeling secrets.

Henderson trained an assistant in bulk mail specifications to save money on postage. And his Web site will soon be interactive for vendors, subs, and clients.

His marketing claims are backed by a solid product: This long-term NARI member designs his work, offers a three-year workmanship guarantee, and his five lead carpenters use NARI's lead carpenter system.

Henderson has begun offering commercial steel construction. He subs out all work except the interiors, which are done by his crews -- a safe way to diversify and grow revenue.

Henderson is a world champion power-lifter, dead-lifting 562 pounds. He used his 2003 win, of course, to garner local press about his company.