In a semi-rural area, remodeling companies have to be able to do many different kinds of jobs for many different kinds of clients. Take Pritchett Brothers, a full-service remodeler in southern Indiana. The company does historic restorations, commercial interior renovations, residential remodeling, and some handyman work.

Recently Pritchett Bros. hired an in-house architect, intent on expanding the design/build portion of the company's work from 25% to 75%.

The Pritchett brothers — sons of the original owner — work for the company, four of them as lead carpenters, all with different skills. Jon Pritchett (second from left), the youngest brother, went off and got a business degree and came back to run the office. "We have a lot of talents, so we can fit the right person to the job," he says.

The company buys and renovates about 10 houses a year, then either sells them for a profit or rents them out. "We do it to help us get through December," Jon says. "It gives us work to do and keeps our good people busy."