Like many business partners, Bill Fannin (seated, left) and Scott Schubert (seated, right) have skills that complement each other. Fannin, who renovated his first house when he was all of 16, is outgoing and handles the company's sales; Schubert is something of a self-professed computer geek who puts his estimating and marketing skills to use in the office. But these remodelers have a special relationship: They've been best friends since college.

"We've had an agreement since the beginning," Schubert says. "We'll never let the business affect our friendship." So far, it hasn't. "We can have knockdown, drag-out arguements, and then go out and have a beer afterwards," Schubert says.

The trust between the two owners runs througout their company. Post & Beam always uses the same set of subcontractors, and customers take comfort in the fact that throughout every stage of their remodel, they'll be working with one of the two owners. "No one looks at a business like the owner does," Schubert says. "We find that to be a big selling point."