Michael Turner has never tried to sell milk to a group of dairy farmers, but he probably could if he had to. His remodeling company, Turner Exteriors, has carved a niche doing exterior work for homeowners' associations. If selling the value of a job to one couple is like drilling a hole through stone using only a butter knife, then selling to a group of couples is like using a toothbrush. "It's not easy to get everyone on the same page," Turner says. "Sometimes, it takes several meetings."

The Turner name is a familiar one to homeowners across The Nutmeg State; Michael's grandfather's home improvement business eventually became seven separate entities, each run by one of his sons. Michael worked for his father's business growing up, installing siding during the summers, and opened Turner Exteriors in 1996.

Connecticut has some pretty wealthy neighborhoods, and Turner is getting into more residential remodeling, something he had done more of in the company's infancy. He hopes that the recent purchase of a Case Handyman franchise will assist in that process, getting him in the door with new customers. "We have the best demographic in the country," Turner says. "There's a huge demand for really professional remodelers."