Step into Dial One Window's 6,500-square-foot showroom and you'll see how far replacement companies have come since the days of "tin men." Charlie Gindele wants to create a new kind of experience for his customers, and he's succeeding. Located in a home-furnishing shopping center, Dial One's massive showroom is as much a retail store as a contractor's headquarters.

The showroom, Gindele says, is a logical extension of his retail-inspired approach to sales and marketing. Similar to car or mattress dealerships' ad campaigns, Dial One's monthly marketing blitzes bombard Orange County residents with multimedia ads.

The idea, Gindele says, is to cement a brand identity in the buying public's consciousness. "People don't buy windows and doors every day, but every day, someone's buying windows and doors," he says. "If they don't think of us, we have no chance of selling them."