When Frank Zehna (pictured with wife and company marketing manager Stephanie) worked for a building products distributor out of Atlanta, one of his clients was Christian Roofing in nearby Athens. Zehna ended up buying the company 10 years ago.

Zehna moved the company in the direction of general remodeling. After a few years, he weighed getting out of the roofing business altogether. But a local market study, showing Christian Roofing as the most high profile roofing company in the area, convinced him otherwise. Instead, he began to parlay roofing jobs into remodeling projects. "When we get a roof, we try to keep a customer for life," he says.

Today the company's work is evenly split between roofing and remodeling. The trick to ensuring that those roofing jobs bring in further work, Zehna points out, is a quality job, which he ensures by using manufacturer-certified installers.