Last year, Vince Butler taught 26 full-day seminars. His dedication to the remodeling industry is also reflected in his association chapter participation and his serving on the NAHB board of education and directors.

The lessons he now teaches come from experience in a family firm. His father and uncle founded Butler Brothers, and Butler joined and took over as president in 1985. But instead of the handyman-type work the company did before, Butler began offering full-service design/build remodeling. Now, the company is 100% design/build. Butler designs smaller kitchens and baths and works closely with architects on larger jobs.

Most of Butler's work comes from referrals and repeat business, but in the past few years, he has found a new way to market: He runs the yearly tour of remodeled homes for his local association. The homeowners who tour the houses provide a more targeted market than a general home show. Plus, the tour brings positive attention to the association and gives contractors a reason to join.