Don Bruce (back row, center), a 30-year veteran of the home improvement business, says he had a kind of epiphany early on. "I saw a lot of people making a lot of money, but not a lot of them staying in it long term," he recalls. The realization Bruce came to was that if you do quality work, and guarantee it with a warranty good for the duration of the owner's residence in the home, you built up good will. In a marketing-driven business, that translates to referral and repeat leads, which close higher and cost nearly nothing.

"The key," he says, "is to get the installers to share your vision." Bonuses of as much as 10%, paid annually to installing subs who meet the company's criteria for excellence, help to do that.

Today the company offers an array of quality sunroom, replacement window, siding, and other products in the 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-home-improvement-art showroom, just north of Nashville, which Bruce opened last year.