Falls Creek is home to only 1,200 people, so Tim Britton has to keep customers happy. "If you saw the town my business is in, you couldn't imagine a company doing $1 million," he says.

The 38-year-old contractor is president of his local builders association. He gets 95 percent of his work -- he'll do almost anything -- from within 15 miles of his office (a nearby town boasts 10,000 people).

Ten years ago, Britton bought the local hardware store. It still sells nails and paint, but it's a showroom for Britton's kitchens and packaged bathrooms, offering set materials for standard baths for up to $7,999.

Britton credits much of his success to his managers: Maggie McFarland in production; Connie Huey in the office; and Judy Reiter in sales and marketing. "Having them allows me to work on the business," he says.

The company name is always out there, in newspapers and on the radio via co-op advertising with manufacturers. Six times a year Britton gives away a handyman for the day. Half those visits turn into larger projects.