Jim Sasko (front, far right) is only 30, but his experience in the construction industry belies his years. He worked on a framing crew in high school, studied construction engineering, worked as a project manager on multi-family and track home construction, did commercial remodeling in Florida, and now runs his own company that specializes in historic restorations.

Sasko operates his company under the same roof as a local home builder. The two companies share office and administrative expenses, but their symbiotic relationship doesn't stop there. When buyers ask the builder to suggest a remodeler, he recommends Teakwood Builders. When Sasko's clients inquire whether or not he builds houses, he refers them to the builder.

Sasko tells clients from the beginning that he is there to disrupt their lives. Apparently, they don't mind. "We don't have one client we can't use as a reference," he says.