Through contact with interior decorators, the salespeople at Taylor Watson found themselves producing high-end projects for the affluent market in the St. Louis area. Those homeowners want service and quality and are concerned about the contractor problems they've heard about. "My mission was to prove to them there was a remodeling firm out there that had control of all the issues. That has been our guiding light for improving our business," Scott Watson (standing, left) says.

He sends four-color postcards of great projects to subcontractors, suppliers, and past clients. When the company starts a job, they send a card to neighbors informing them of the length of the project. "We also ask them, if we're doing something that bothers you, don't call your neighbor, call us," Watson says. "It's another way to advertise."

Employees often take care of small problems at no charge for past clients or complete small jobs for relatives. "The good will we receive from that is great marketing," Watson says.