Mark Sass (far right) taps into several resources to help him build on the success of his business. He receives valuable help from employees, consultants, and community involvement. His operations manager -- a former remodeling company owner who has an MBA -- is his second-in-command and oversees the sales department. His skills contribute to well-run systems at Sass Construction.

Sass views employees as partners -- he clearly spells out what they need to do and what he offers in return. He goes over accomplishments and goals during yearly reviews. "I always explain their opportunities and how they can grow. It's up to them where to stop," Sass says.

Sass has three mentors who assist him to develop strong accounting, human resources, and remodeling systems. His wife, Christine (far right), keeps track of payroll. "I can stand back and look at my business, yet keep up with key indicators and numbers," Sass says.