There's always a centerpiece to Payne/Bouchier's projects -- a flying stair with a continuous rail, a knockout kitchen.

"The complexity of things makes them interesting," says Stephen Payne (center), who heads up production while brother Thomas (right) manages the business and partner Oliver Bouchier (left) champions the sales side.

Originally, the company's woodshop gave them entrée to high-end remodeling. Now they only do cost-plus work on $500,000-plus jobs.

This past year they liquidated the furniture shop (it wasn't profitable). Now, they can focus on growing the remodeling business to $10 million at a 10% annual rate.

The company sells prospects by bringing them to jobsites. "We talk about phases of work, the shift from rough to finish work, the string of decisions that come from that," says Stephen. "It's a graphic example of the stuff they're going to confront."