When Sean (right) and Chris (left) Murphy, two former firefighters, learned the September 11th relief workers needed supplies, they got all the goggles and masks their suppliers had in stock and delivered. That's one example of their company philosophy, which has them involved in a host of local charities, and it's helped make their high-end remodeling firm a household name in the Long Island Sound area.

Implementing their customer-first culture, which led one client to write a four-page ode to them, meant documenting their standards and practices in training manuals and creating a separate handyman division devoted strictly to servicing past clients. Their efforts built a reputation that's landed them time-and-materials jobs remodeling local yacht clubs. And the club members who see their work and professionalism are just the sort of clients this 100% referral remodeling company is looking to impress.

The two-office operation has doubled in size since 1998, and the Murphys are now looking to tap in to surrounding markets by opening new offices.