John Frazier (far left) came to Boise to start a church and ended up instead with a remodeling company. A minister, he needed room for his brood of seven children. He had the skills, and daring, to add a second floor to his own house, which attracted some attention when he hired a crane to come into the neighborhood and remove the roof as a unit.

Success not only resulted in giving the kids more rooms but it brought friends and neighbors to Frazier seeking his services as a contractor.

In its first year, Frazier Construction generated sales of $40,000. Last year sales were $1.8 million. The company has grown 40% each year since Frazier left his job as a full-time minister to run the remodeling operation full time.

Frazier takes a somewhat spiritual approach to his business. Client satisfaction is everything. "We've embraced the client-for-life-model," he says. "We'll do anything from cleaning gutters to designing and building a custom home."