J&J has rules. Among them is, "The customer is always right, even when they're wrong." The approach works for the company, which juggles 52 jobs a year and has a referral list of 300 past customers who help bring in 60% of their business. Its average job is a $9,500 bathroom, although it also replaces 25 solid surface countertops annually.

Jon White (seated, right) learned the business from his father-in-law in Ohio, then moved south, starting as a Wood-Mode dealer. Soon, he was installing counters and interiors for local fast food restaurants. The work gave J&J a footing to enter residential remodeling. Its long-time countertop fabricator, Bill Muckridge (standing, in maroon button-down shirt), now White's vice president, right-hand man, and salesperson, helped in its success.

Jon's wife, Jane, sister to Tom Duncan (Big 50 1991), left the business after 14 years. "I couldn't have done it without her," White says. His sound business plan and loyal employees help, too.