Insurance restoration, remodeling and handyman, and real estate investment; 24 years in business; 2001 volume: $1.4 million; Staff: 3.5 office, 5 field HCS Construction Services Co. is actually three companies. It consists of an insurance restoration and remodeling operation, a handyman division that focuses on work for real estate agents, and another division that purchases and fixes up duplexes and other multi-unit housing as investment properties. Beginning with a four-plex they purchased five years ago from a client, owners Joe and Sherry Schwab, CGRs both, have directed the profits of their first two businesses into expanding the third. "Our companies work as clients to one another," Sherry explains. Their business, she says, is not about net profit but acquiring assets, a model other remodeling contractors may want to consider.

Last year the Schwabs were able to take extended time off to tour Africa and Europe. "And we thrived," says Sherry.