After a short career in commercial remodeling that ended when the Northeast market cratered in 1989, Paul Calafiore (left) bought a Worldwide Refinishing Systems franchise (later to become DreamMaker).

He has plied his niche offering "progressive remodels," from $5,500 jobs re-glazing tubs and installing acrylic wall liners to full-blown $60,000 baths.

His systematic approach sets target hours for every job, and his dedicated employees, rigorously trained in franchise programs, help him deliver. They're motivated by profit sharing and annual discount credits toward purchasing franchise territories.

Calafiore sponsors morale builders as well: The crew regularly judges the cleanliness of each other's vans, and the prize is a free dinner. One technician recently was named technician of the year by the international franchise and the company was named franchise and sales leader of the year. "My idea of success is having these guys around me grow and be successful in their own lives," says Calafiore. "I really enjoy that they like what they're doing."