This self-professed nail-banger loves the remodeling industry and devotes much of his time to helping others. Jerry Liu (front, center) is more than happy to share his experiences with peers and employees. Back at his own company, besides offering benefits and training, he tries to help employees create a better life. "I tell my guys take care of yourselves first, make sure you're happy and your family is happy," he says.

Liu is so concerned about abandoning long-time clients and employees when he retires that he is arranging for his employees to take over the company within the next 10 years. With the help of a consultant, he's set up a system where yearly profits are put into a fund that will be given to Liu as a payment for the business.

After retirement, he'll meet weekly with the company as an advisor. During the rest of the time, he's going to return to his first love -- carpentry. As part of his fieldwork, he'd like to train and motivate a new generation of carpenters.