ABC Seamless of Northeast Ohio grew out of a pole-building commercial construction company founded by Lorin Miller's father in the '60s. The business shifted direction with the purchase of a seamless siding and gutter franchise in 1987 and today includes window and door replacements as well as enclosures. Business has grown an average of 24% annually for the past 11 years.

ABC Seamless of Northeast Ohio is truly a family affair. "At the moment," says Miller (front, left), "my father and five brothers are involved in it." At different times, Miller's four sisters have also worked at the company.

Miller says he hires people with management potential. That's a good thing, because it looks like he's going to need more managers. "We have a sheet downstairs that shows where our company will be five years from now," he says. The sheet projects almost three times the exterior remodeling company's current volume.