Bill Carter (standing, second from right) once aspired to be a lawyer, but his fascination with what went on on a construction site—and the need for cash—left him with divided loyalties.

Since then he has ridden out the booms and busts of the California real estate market and lived to tell about it. Today his Sacramento company will “dabble in anything,” and the work it produces, much of it historic restoration, consistently wins awards. The niche Carter has is his connection with Sacramento-area architects who specialize in historic restoration. Every job presents different challenges.

Intellectual curiosity, a passion for quality, dogged determination, and high energy levels characterize both the company and its namesake. Carter’s seven field employees are capable of performing any number of construction-related tasks, and working for the William E. Carter Co. is about developing talents and expanding skills. “I have a great group of guys now who are thirsty for knowledge,” Carter says.