Part of what it takes to form a strong team is having players who know and excel at their position. For Jordan Lourie (in tan blazer) of Silver Hammer Construction, that is the key to winning the game. By making sure that everyone on staff has well-defined and carefully considered positions in the organization, Lourie runs a company that is characterized by a sense of common purpose, skillfulness, and team spirit.

Lead carpenters are assigned to projects according to their expertise and experience. An in-house architect focuses on cutting-edge design to keep the clients happy and their budgets in check. Lourie himself covers sales, administration, and estimating but leaves the construction techniques to the expert: the production manager.

To keep the team happy and together, Lourie offers excellent benefits—401(k), an extra day of paid vacation for each year with the company. He also offers innovative ideas that are less tangible than concrete benefits. One such program is the new tool location board. The combination of a metal board and magnetic labels means that everyone can tell exactly where a tool is—be it in the workshop, on a jobsite, or down for service. Little timesavers like that can make a world of difference in the day-to-day operations of a company.