Joseph Angeleri (seated) believes so strongly in education that he initiated his local Remodelors Council with that theme. He earned his CGR designation, and he encourages all council members to follow suit. He recently organized a seminar to educate consumers about the remodeling process. “My biggest goal is education and raising the level of professionalism,” he says.

Angeleri specializes in waterfront houses. His community is facing a problem with developers tearing down single-story homes and replacing them with extravagant structures that block the views from neighboring houses. Angeleri has taken the initiative in addressing the county and city on options that would satisfy homeowners, keep the streetscape low, and meet FEMA regulations. “It’s common sense design that is sensitive to the environment and the community,” Angeleri explains.

The remodeler has plenty of experience to draw upon. He worked with his father—a carpenter and home builder—through high school and after college. When he started his own company in Sarasota, he continued with the same combination of work his father had done—remodeling, custom homes, and subdivision developments. But in the past 10 years, almost all of his work has been in remodeling, with whole-house jobs ranging from $200,000 to $500,000. “That is where the demand has been,” he says.