Craig Deimler’s father, Gary (seated in chair), has been grooming him to run the family business since he joined it 10 years ago. Gary still works full-time, but it’s Craig (standing) who now does most of the planning. The company’s work was all residential until three years ago, when Craig was approached by a draftsperson whose company was going out of business. He offered to open a commercial division for Deimler & Sons. “He did a fantastic job starting off that market,” Craig says. The company targets several professions with a direct marketing campaign that has been extremely effective. Deimler sends introduction letters and makes follow up phone calls to doctors, dentists, and lawyers. The commercial side is now about 20 percent of the firm’s business. “There is a great potential for commercial remodeling that is untapped in this area,” he says. Deimler says his ideal would be to have a 60/40 split with residential and commercial work.

The residential market is stable because of the secure jobs and consistent income of homeowners with federal, state, and military jobs in the state capital. Many of the company’s referrals have come from the Jewish community. When Deimler noticed this, he took out ads in a local Jewish paper that has a circulation of 30,000. “We have received a fair amount of business from that ad,” he says.