The crew at D/R Services will screw in lightbulbs, shovel snow, clean gutters, even rotate a mattress if you want them to. But they also install Pella windows, build $410,000 additions, snake wire (the company is a licensed electrical contractor), and head historic restorations. All of the company’s jobs—600 a year—are repeat or referral.

“We have keys to 30 homes hanging in the shop,” Ron Cowgill (seated, right) says. “Clients fax us their repair list. We have a code to their home alarms. Having keys to all those homes tells you what kind of company we are. The average home we work in is $750,000 and up.”

Cowgill believes if employees are happy, clients will be happy. Employee perks include educational reimbursement and an annual chartered fishing trip on Lake Michigan. “We have fun,” he says. “The guys have fun doing their job. We’re not doing the slap-it-together stuff. We make special moldings, design things for a house that we’ll never do again. We make things that are challenging, and because it’s challenging, it’s fun.”