Ten years ago, when Joel Peck (right) and Jerry Kerby (left) heard about retrofit windows, they knew they had found their niche. They were so confident that Kerby stepped away from 20 years as a banker and Peck ended his 15 years as a general contractor to come together to create what is now a $5 million a year company.

Unlike most of their competitors, they offer pricing over the phone. Homeowners can give general measurements to the office staff and receive a price quote. They then receive a packet of information on the company and retrofit windows. Or homeowners can visit the 5,000-square-foot showroom where Peck or Kerby offers a hands-on explanation of the process.

Customers are so well informed that by the time Peck or Kerby makes a sales call, all that’s left for them to do is re-measure the windows and set up a time for installation. Though the pair only uses subcontractors, they keep close track of the jobs.

All of this is done in an unbelievable three-week turnaround time from the sales call to the finished job. The pair recently expanded this system to a second location within the county and expects to open a third in a few years. But their customer-service philosophy remains the same: “You can’t cut corners in product, materials, and installation if you expect to be in this business long term,” Peck says.