Not too long ago, sitting in Atlanta’s horrendous traffic, it occurred to Guy Pearson (back row, left) that he really didn’t need to be in the office every day. Now he runs his business from home.

The former accountant had no construction experience when he signed on for an Archadeck franchise 12 years ago. In its first year of operation, Pearson’s Archadeck franchise generated about a quarter of a million dollars in revenue. Last year it did almost ten times that much. Rewarding employees and leveraging expenses are the key to making it fly. “You can do $2.4 million and make good money or $2.8 and lose your shirt,” he says.

Recently the company has successfully bid for the business of large commercial customers such as UPS. And the quality of the product is certainly attested to by the fact that Home Depot founder Bernard Marcus chose Archadeck of North Atlanta to build the deck for his home.