Bill Conforti (front row, third from right) is a fighter. A flyweight boxer, he took a local championship title in the 1960s. His drive to be No. 1 carries into his company name and into his promotions.

His “Sidingmobile”—a converted laundry van—pitches products to Cubs and Bulls fans streaming into stadiums. The van doubles as a billboard for local politicians. Four nights a year, the company co-hosts a 10-bout boxing show, drawing amateur teens, many from low-income or single-parent families. Invited to the bouts are Conforti’s sales reps and key prospects.

These efforts, coupled with low-pressure sales and a fun-loving workplace where everyone’s groomed to succeed, result in 1,121 jobs a year, averaging $5,350 each.

The company recently opened another office in Chicago’s western suburbs. A third is slated for the South Side. “I’m out to win,” Conforti says. “And the way to win is to satisfy the customer.”