Great remodeling companies are a marriage of building systems and business systems. “Brand image is important,” Helene McQuaide (front, far left) says. “But on the back end, you have to deliver.”

Her husband, Regis (front, second from left), was a sales manager for Pepsi Cola when, some years back, he contracted for remodeling work in their home. The contractor they hired did such a poor job in both communication and service that Regis, who operated a painting service in college, reasoned he could easily do better.

He has. The former Michigan State football player has built his company into a leader among local remodeling firms by assimilating new construction technologies such as radiant-heat floors and shallow wall foundations and by instituting regular training programs for company carpenters.

Regis McQuaide and Co. sticks to the south side of Pittsburgh, promoting a brand image that stands for innovation, top-notch product and service expertise, and a reputation synonymous with quality.