“Our company does business, we don’t do construction,” says Coby Lindsey (seated, right), construction vice president for Olympic Restoration.

Of course Olympic Restoration, which recently opened a fourth branch office in Northern California, does both and does them well. Last year the company did about 1,500 jobs, mostly restoring residences damaged by water or fire. Olympic Restoration manages this many jobs—and the change orders that frequently come with them as insurance claimants move to upgrades—by using laptops and digital cameras, plus meticulous tracking software that takes the project from initial phone call all the way through to accounting. Every file is updated daily.

“On a regular remodeling job, people expect to be inconvenienced, and they’re ready to put up with that,” company founder Kevin Waldron (seated, center) says. “On a fire restoration job, everything is unexpected, so you have to be a social worker as much as a remodeling salesman.”