Long & DeLosa Construction has been working on one job for 13 years. The company’s first assignment at the Maimonides Medical Center was to install operating room lights, which led to a series of renovations and new buildings that have continued to today.

The Brooklyn, N.Y.–based company didn’t go looking for work in the medical arena, the work found them. Administrators at hospitals, medical centers, and doctors’ offices are impressed with the company’s ability to deal with complicated designs in a delicate atmosphere.

“The primary thing is causing the least disruption,” says Brian Long (center). “You have to be aware and respectful.” He says the medical business is big industry, but there are a limited number of companies that can handle the job efficiently. He and partner John DeLosa (right) formed the company 16 years ago and now have a junior partner, Michael Khiabani (left). The partners also handpick a few residential jobs every year, and they recently began work on a series of restaurant chains.

Medical institutions have steady payment cycles, so subcontractors are enthusiastic about working with Long & DeLosa.

Though they like subs, the company keeps a core crew to handle last-minute jobs or cancellations. “We have staff people with many different trade experiences, so if something falls between the cracks, we can put one of our own people there,” DeLosa says.