Jim (far right) and Cheryl (third from right) Stegman are hedging their bets when it comes to fielding a winning team. The owners of Jim Stegman Construction sponsor up to six little league teams each year. And though the sponsorships are more a gesture of thanks, it’s just the beginning of a marketing plan that covers all the bases.

The Newport, Ky.–based remodeling company utilizes a television commercial, ads in the city magazine, job signs, and company trucks finished with the company logo and matching paint schemes, as well as a Web page that’s linked to their local HBA.

It’s a pretty impressive undertaking considering the Stegmans do approximately $1.6 million in volume each year and have all the additions and kitchen remodels they can handle.

Why, then, all of the expense on marketing? As Jim explains, it’s just the beginning of a high level of interaction with the client. “We rarely work outside of a 10-mile radius from our office,” he says, “but from marketing to my initial sales call to Cheryl’s handling of the design phase, right down to the lead carpenter, we make sure that people know we’re quality.”

It seems to be working. Stegman Construction fields two to three job leads per day, and the company has the luxury to pick and choose great projects, as well as winning relationships.