If you’re from Arkansas, you’ve heard of Hanke Brothers, whose low-key television spots and manned shopping mall kiosks, coupled with exacting quality standards, have made the company a household name. Started by Sylvester “Bud” Hanke and his son, Kim, the company’s business partners later included Kim’s brothers, Michael and Brad. Kim bought everyone out in the 1990s. Michael now manages the northwest Arkansas office; Bud Hanke works part time.

Kim’s goal is to “build relationships that last a lifetime.” He says he scopes out what the competition is doing, then does the opposite, feeding a company closing percentage that hovers around 50 percent. Its craftsmanship allows Hanke to charge 30 percent more for jobs than others in the market.

Kim Hanke says meticulous attention to detail—precise cuts and fits, proper flashing—propels his company to the top. Subcontracted installers train on the job over three months with Hanke quality-control supervisors, and they’re paid top dollar.

“We care more about the customer than we do ourselves,” Kim says. “When we do that, everything takes care of itself.”