2000 Big 50

Credit: Mark Freeland
Credit: Mark Freeland

Phillip Gettum

Gettum Associates Inc., Greenwood, IN

Award category: Teamwork
Speciality: Design/build remodeling
13 years in business
1999 volume: $1.3 million
Staff: 4 office, 9 field

Phil Gettum (seated, far left) has his eye squarely on the target. He believes he can grow his design/build company to $3 million in less than five years. “The system is starting to free up time,” the Indianapolis-area remodeler says. “We could get there without adding a lot of overhead.” But he refuses to double the size of the business at the expense of family life.

Gettum also knows that he has to have a powerful team to get him to his target. Last July, he instituted a bonus system that has helped focus his production team on its target. Simplified, Gettum pays leads a bonus for delivering jobs at or above an hourly rate that covers overhead and profit. Spend too much on labor, and you don’t get the bonus. Job takes too long, and you don’t get the bonus.

Such a simple measurement allows every lead to see how he’ll contribute to the success of the company. Gettum keeps them focused by paying bonuses every quarter.

Clearly defined roles in the office and a strong sales-to-production hand-off have allowed him to position his company for growth while improving everyone’s bottom line.

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