2000 Big 50

Credit: Pietro Camardella

Matt Ostrowski, Jennifer Ostrokowski

Creative Enclosures, Norwich, CT

Award category: Sales & Marketing
Speciality: Specialty remodeling with a focus on sunrooms, additions, and replacement windows
12 years in business
1999 volume: $1.1 million
Staff: 5 office, 5 field

"Guess who’s coming to your neighborhood?” In the 30-town radius of Norwich, Conn., the answer to that question is posted on a job sign. It’s Matt (front, left) and Jennifer (front, right) Ostrowski’s Creative Enclosures, a company neighbors have discovered through referrals, a $52,000 grassroots marketing budget, and what Jennifer calls the “awesome” national program of Four Seasons Sunrooms. Matt closes one out of every four leads, primarily by giving prospects a spread of options, one on budget, one below, and one above. Doing so eliminates the “We need to get a better price” objection. Matt ends his pitch with “the total investment of your job is ...”

Jennifer joined the company a decade ago, marrying her boss and becoming his business partner. Her marketing efforts now feed Matt’s sales appetite. The duo’s new showroom opened this month. A prototype for four more New England locations, it is meant to ignite a $14 million revenue goal for the chain.

The couple’s systematized workflow sees that everything—how phones are answered, how sales are handled, how a job is fulfilled—is identical, project to project. And every job carries a “no smoking/no radios” policy, a small illustration of the company’s intense customer care.

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