Mike (wearing white shirt) and Sandra (wearing blue blazer) Kelley offer three no-nonsense reasons for their success: hard work, tenacity, and proper markup. Guts might be the fourth. This past year they chose not to fill the job of a production manager who left. Instead, they distributed his duties between Sandra and another designer, boosting the bottom line and increasing customer contact.

The suburban-Birmingham shop’s business is half kitchen and bath remodels and half high-margin countertop replacements, which include solid surfaces. Countertop jobs average about $2,500. That portion of the company involves business-to-business marketing and, in a way, bulletproofs Counter Dimensions with its diversity.

“We’ve been through some really bad times where some people didn’t make it, and we were able to stick it out,” Sandra says. Her husband claims project fulfillment is a company strongpoint. “If you look at the combined years of our installers, they’ve been doing it about 25 years,” Mike says.

The company’s revenue goal is $2 million. “If we get bigger than that, we can’t provide customers with our personal attention,” Sandra says.